Apply to Forum

Why apply?

We’re the highest-paying tutoring agency in the country.

Forum pays out about 85% of its revenue to its tutors against the agency norm of 33-40%. Our payouts start around $200/hr and go to $530/hr. If you know of a higher-paying agency, we’d like to hear.

Our reputation.

Our reputation among private school families is for being the best agency in the city, and it’s true: we vet more intensively than any other. Because we pay more, we get the best tutors.

Two words: passive income.

For a full year, our tutors get a referral commission of 9.7% for clients they bring into Forum and work with personally—or match with another tutor. If you get a student from another tutor, the referral commission defaults to you after a year as an automatic raise.

Fairness and transparency.

We like to be public about how our business is run and where all our income goes.

Here’s the breakdown: for any income we receive, 72.75% goes to the tutor, 9.7% goes to our internal referral commission, 14.65% goes to the company, 2.9% goes to our payment processor, Stripe.

No busywork.

Our tutors use our custom invoicing tool to get automatic monthly direct deposits. Within the year, we'll have an app to track work, scores, and hours.

No non-compete.

You’re welcome to work with other agencies if you like, and you only take the work you want at the rates you want through Forum.

Personality matching.

Good academic support means good emotional, cognitive, and structural support too. We pride ourselves on privileging chemistry between tutors and their students.

The culture.

Every couple months, we get together, have drinks, eat food, go to a play or karaoke, etc. We also network and trade tips constantly, so our tutors have access to each other’s advice and resources—and can easily refer to one another.

Want to apply?

Send us an email with your resume, a list of subjects you tutor, and a brief note about your ideal kind of student.

Forum is committed to building a diverse network and strongly encourages applications from female and minority candidates.