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Michelle Castaneda

BA, Yale University, Political Science


After graduating from Yale as a Political Science major in 2009, Michelle went on to do her Master’s degree in Dance Theatre. She is now completing a PhD that combines those two fields; essentially, she studies the performance of politics and the politics of performance. Michelle has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in theater studies, and has tutored middle and high school students in English, writing, Spanish, history, test prep, and general study skills.

Michelle’s open-mindedness and non-judgmental attitude allows her to connect to students with a wide variety of learning styles. Rather than imposing one approach, Michelle draws out her students’ unique ways of seeing the world. She brings these budding methodologies to light, helping students to verbalize their processes and facilitating their intellectual and creative risk-taking. With the right balance of care and rigor, students learn to honor their own processes while meeting academic goals, developing a level of maturity in their attitude toward learning that has implications beyond the tutoring relationship.