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Veronica Arzeno

BA, Sociology, Bucknell University; MS, General and Special Education Grades 1-6, Bank Street College of Education; MSW, Columbia University School of Social Work

Learning Specialist, Lower School Coordinator, Middle School Coordinator

With her expertise in learning differences and cognitive issues, Veronica is continually excited to help students in all aspects of their learning, including all subject areas through 8th grade. Able to work with a variety of students with different learning profiles, Veronica specializes in her ability to individualize the material so that each child can learn, gain confidence, and experience success in each session. In particular, as a learning specialist, Veronica works to address executive functioning issues during each session so that all of her students learn the necessary skills to plan, manage time, be flexible, remember the steps and requirements, problem solve, and execute. Having trained in Orton Gillingham and worked extensively with the Singapore Math Curriculum, Veronica focuses on modifying curricula, breaking down writing assignments, helping students manage their time, and encouraging students to build strong study skills. Above all, she believes that an enthusiastic approach is the necessary foundation for students to build upon their strengths for classroom success.

Veronica always knew she wanted to work with children and families and help them in different capacities. Upon completing an undergraduate degree at Bucknell University, Veronica began a dual degree masters program in elementary education (general and special) as well as clinical social work at Bank Street College of Education and Columbia University, respectively. During this four year period, she taught at The Brunswick School in Connecticut, and upon graduation, taught at Eagle Hill School, a school for students with language-based learning disabilities. A teacher, learning specialist, tutor and admissions consultant in a number of private schools across the city—including The Brearley School, Sacred Heart, Avenues, Allen Stevenson, and City and Country—Veronica has become well-versed in the many aspects that come with helping a student succeed.