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Zach Bjork

BA, Yale University, English

ACT, Chemistry, English, General Subject Tutoring, Geometry, SAT

Zach Bjork received a B.A. in English from Yale, with a focus on Renaissance lyric poetry. At Yale, he also studied film theory and photography, and balanced his passion for the humanities with coursework in math and science. Since college, he has worked as a director and cinematographer, and has shot commercial and documentary projects for clients including Vogue and the Museum of Modern Art.

Zach has extensive experience teaching students of all learning profiles, and believes that tutoring should inspire and empower students in their long-term academic, creative, and professional pursuits. He offers a framework of tools for exceeding immediate academic goals, but also challenges students to use schoolwork to better understand their patterns of thinking, problem-solving, and responding to the world. Homeschooled during the rocky years of fifth to eighth grade, Zach aspires to impart curiosity, rigor, and a spirit of intellectual independence, while actively guiding students in their work.