Client Agreement

Thank you for choosing the tutors at Forum Education LLC to support your child. This letter-agreement (“Client Agreement”) was prepared to communicate firm policies and protocol to ensure the best possible working relationship with your family. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this document.

The Scope of Our Services

You have engaged Forum Education LLC to connect you with tutors to support your family in academic efforts. Forum will support the tutors you engage by equipping them with digital tools and teaching materials, by providing them with administrative assistance and tools including an invoicing and payments system, and by consulting on matters pertaining to the tutoring services they provide to you family.

Delegation of Responsibility

Forum Education LLC represents tutors and support staff who work together to provide our clients with academic support services. The particular tutors who engage to work with your family will be principally responsible for the provision of academic support services.

Billing and Payment

Fees for your academic support will be based on the hourly rate of tutors engaged to work with your family, communicated and agreed to in conjunction with your selection of a tutor to work with, and the amount of time devoted to your service. Time will be recorded in increments of fourths of an hour (15 minute increments) and rounded to the nearest such increment. You will generally be sent an invoice on the first business day of each month, though tutors may elect to deliver their invoices at any point. You will generally receive one invoice per month from each tutor engaged with your family. Our invoices include a summary explanation of services rendered on a given date, a computation of the hourly time charges, in fifteen-minute increments, and other expenses incurred in connection with the academic support of your family.

Please review the bill upon its receipt and to promptly bring to our attention any questions or any objections you have to the bill. We will be glad to discuss with you, without charge, any objections or questions you have to a bill. You should not feel that a candid discussion concerning fees or billing procedures will in any respect diminish our commitment to you. You must, however, raise any objections within three business days after receipt of a bill so any problem with the bill will receive timely consideration. If you fail to raise your objection within those three business days, your objection will be deemed waived to the extent permitted by law.

With few exceptions, we accept payment via ACH only. Unless you communicate an issue with the invoice as described above, the amount of the invoice total will be automatically processed via credit card three business days after invoice delivery. If your invoice is not paid within those three days, we reserve the right to discontinue tutoring services. Interest at the rate of 1% per month will be added to any balance billed and unpaid for more than thirty (30) days from the date of the bill. Invoices paid via international credit cards will be a 1% international payment processing fee. If you must pay invoices via a payment method other than credit card, we reserve the right to condition the provision of tutoring services on the advance payment of projected tutoring fees.

There are circumstances under which we, in our sole discretion, may agree to permit you to defer payment of a monthly invoice, or series of invoices. In that event, you will nevertheless be expected to review the invoice, resolve with us any issues you may have with the invoice, and specifically and unconditionally acknowledge the indebtedness. This provision does not, in any way, affect our right to terminate our engagement with your family based on the non-payment of our bill in accordance with the terms of this Client Agreement.

Applicable Services

The hourly rates communicated in conjunction with the recommendation of a tutor apply to all time expended pursuant to the academic support of your family, including but not limited to meetings with students, conferences, telephone calls, emails, the creation of study materials, and other preparation time expended in connection with the support of your family. The tutors engaged to work with your family reserve the right to invoice you for such time expended.

Scheduling and Cancellations

The tutor or tutors engaged to work with your family, in conjunction you or your child, will determine session dates, times, and durations. Should you need to cancel a session that had been agreed upon with your tutor, there is no charge so long as the need to cancel is communicated to the tutor more than 24 hours in advance of the agreed-upon session start time. If the cancellation is communicated less than 24 hours in advance of the agreed-upon session start time, the applicable tutor may charge for the full planned duration of the session.

Termination of Our Engagement by You

You have the absolute right to terminate our services at any time.

Right to Arbitration

In the event of a dispute concerning our fees or expenses that cannot be amicably resolved, either party may seek mediation or arbitration pursuant to the New York State Fee Dispute Resolution Program (22 N.Y.C.R.R. Section 137).

Document Retention

Any documents or information you provide to us during this engagement will be stored electronically by us. We reserve the right to keep an electronic copy of your file for our records.

Acknowledgments and Understanding

You acknowledge you have read this Client Agreement in its entirety, have had a full opportunity to consider its terms, and fully understand and agree to its terms.

There are no additional or different terms or agreements other than those expressly set forth in this Client Agreement.

No Guarantees

You specifically acknowledge that Forum Education LLC has made no representations or guarantees to you, express or implied, concerning the outcome of their tutoring services or any aspect related to them.

Execution of Agreement

By creating an account within our web services, you specifically acknowledge this Client Agreement meets with your approval and indicate your understanding and accepting of the terms set forth above.

Again, we are delighted that you have chosen Forum Education LLC to support your family. We look forward to being of service to you.