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The bridge between a student’s answer sheet and the Forum Diagnostic is the Forum Lens, an app powered by proprietary computer vision technology and packed with other features to make processing and reporting student test performance as fast and easy as possible. A comprehensive test processing solution that fits in your pocket, the Lens is built not just for our partner agencies, but also their tutors.

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Lens App Immediate Scoring and Reporting

Immediate Scoring and Reporting

The Lens uses proprietary computer vision technology and answer sheets to make collecting student answers as easy as taking a picture. Go from bubble sheet to delivered score report in less than a minute.

Multiple Input Modes

The Lens can scan a pic of a bubble sheet straight off your computer screen, and it allows image import from your phone’s camera roll too. Or if you don’t have an answer sheet at all, you can enter student answers manually.

Lens App Multiple Input Modes
Lens App Homework Mode

Homework Mode

We let you scan individual sections as well as full tests. That means you can score homework instantly and target a full session to a student’s top challenges—rather than using the whole session to find out what those challenges are.

Report Recipient Control

The Lens lets you send the reports to up to 20 recipients at a time. It also saves them to a student’s profile for future scanning, so that you can quickly choose whoever you want to receive the reports.

Lens App Recipient Emails
Lens App Supported Tests

Support for Hundreds of Test Forms. And Counting.

The Lens is able to scan and report for ACT, SSAT (Upper and Middle Level), ISEE (Upper and Lower Level), and almost all SAT subject tests. Across these tests, we support hundreds of test forms and add new ones as soon as they are released.

Smart Test and Form Detection

To make it even faster and easier to process tests, we’ve added technology to detect the test and test form taken by a student. No more guessing if that test was 74F or 74H.

Lens App Smart Recognition
Lens App Answer Data Validation

Answer Data Validation

Students may make mistakes, but the Lens doesn’t. The app allows you to check any answer marks that are ambiguous to make sure it captures the answer data perfectly.

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The Forum Lens and Diagnostics are used by agencies around the country, including:

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