Lens Diagnostic

The Forum Lens Diagnostic score report offers tutors, students, and families insight into test performance and prep recommendations available nowhere else. We don’t show just what a student got wrong but “why” they got it wrong—and what they should focus on.

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Lens Ranked Analysis

Ranked Recommendations

For all supported tests, we analyze test contents across over 50 categories and highlight patterns in students’ errors in both broad topics and granular subtopics. Then we rank these topics by the points students lost—so that prep can target the areas that will produce the biggest score gain.

“Uncertain” and “Rushed” Question Tags

Students who guess on questions will get 25-50% of them right. That’s a loss of 25-50% of data about key challenges. We resurface those by letting students mark when they were certain and/or when they rushed.

Lens Uncertain Tags
Lens Uncertainty Analysis

Uncertainty Analysis

We analyze answers against our proprietary tags to show whether issues are due to anxiety, content gaps, or careless errors. Did a student mark their wrong answers as confusing? Probably content gaps. Or did they not mark them at all? Likely careless errors.

Comprehensive Score History

Our reports visualize the entire prep process, spanning mock tests as well as practice sections. Have a student with anxiety or endurance issues? You’ll see that visualized in the difference between homework scores and full mock test scores.

Lens Score History
Lens Proctor Notes

Proctor Notes

Put analysis in context with notes on how students behaved during the exam.

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