Our Story

We teach a lot of things, but there’s one thing we know for sure. Learning is always more effective with another person: someone who can teach us concepts, coach us in strategies, and structure our time, sure, but beyond that, somebody who can open us to a dialogue of ideas, somebody who can get on our level, and somebody who can bring us to their own. We’ve taken this insight and applied it to our company itself. Our premise is simple. Forum is home to the country’s premier tutors not only because we have the only model in the industry that can attract and sustain them, but because we’ve created a community in which we all make each other wiser, more dynamic educators—to get our students the best results.

Why The Best Tutors Work With Forum


Simply put, Forum is the highest-paying tutoring firm in the world. That allows us to attract and retain the tutors as a talent agency for the world’s top educators.


Tutors in the Forum community turn to each other for notes about materials and best practices—and can refer to each other as well. That lets them build each other’s business in multiple ways while giving their students full support and opportunities.


Forum has developed a host of digital tools and resources that help tutors track their business and address student needs. Agencies worldwide use our app and test prep diagnostics to identify students’ challenges and customize to their needs.

Our Team

At its best, tutoring is academic mentorship. Beyond the imparting of skills and knowledge, it is the modeling of academic values, habits, and aspirations. As the country’s highest paying tutoring agency and most collaborative tutoring community, we recruit and develop our team with tutors who are not only subject matter experts—that much is a given—but also engaging, sensitive, and accomplished educators with whom lessons compound into meaningful and lasting relationships. Whether it’s the screenplay writer and director who can help her students see text as compositions, the physics professor who can relate a unit to his own lab’s cutting research, or the former Wall Street banker who can color an economics lesson with his own trade decisions, our tutors are all selected for their capacity to inspire, to coach, and to care.

Tutor Profiles


Forum is proud to support the following organizations:

Outward Bound NYC

NYC Outward Bound Schools the city’s young people and their public schools, with a focus on students from educationally under-resourced communities. Their work transforms schools and changes lives by challenging and supporting students to do their best work; using adventure, joy, and challenge as a catalyst for personal growth, community connection, and social change; and grounding academic content in real-world issues and concern

Project Rousseau

Project Rousseau empowers youth in communities with the greatest need to reach their full potential, as well as pursue and excel in higher education. Project Rousseau students typically come from families with an average income of less than $12,000. A growing portion of our student body is comprised of recent arrivals to the United States, Native American Reservation students, or have had involvement with the juvenile justice system.


Upchieve aims to democratize access to academic support so that all students have an equal opportunity to finish high school, attend college, and achieve upward mobility. Their innovative corporate-supported model enables 24/7 access to free tutoring and college counseling to all low-income high school students in the US.