Forum’s humanities tutors include teachers from New York’s top private schools, editors and publishers of history and literature journals, New York Times critics pick writers, and the top-awarded writers at schools like Princeton, Yale, and Brown. We work with students at top private schools and colleges looking to improve their academic writing, students working on literary podcasts and pieces published in prestigious journals like The Concord Review, and students supplementing their academics with enrichment classes on history and poetry.

Our approach towards writing—whether for history, English, or APs—is that anyone can do it brilliantly…as long as they know the rules of the game. These rules are frameworks, not only for sharp writing, but sharp thinking and sharp sessions as well. For us, teaching students to write well doesn’t just mean teaching how to construct papers with theses, topic sentences, and supporting evidence, but teaching how to read well, how to go beyond one’s peers, and how to shape a paper according to the needs of the genre, assignment, and class.

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