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Darius Weil


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Beloved by his students as one of New York’s top educators, Darius taught a variety of humanities classes for nearly a decade at Riverdale, including the legendary Constructing America. With academic training from Harvard and Cambridge, Darius is currently pursuing his PhD at Princeton.

Darius is a highly experienced tutor who specializes in building years-long relationships with students and their families. Rigorous, incisive, and inspiring, Darius delivers high-powered intellectual engagement combined with laughter and compassion. Sessions with Darius leave students feeling renewed confidence in their skills and their capacity for growth. That’s because Darius fosters genuine dialogue--he strives to ask the right questions, not just provide answers.

Darius is an expert in writing instruction. He designed Forum’s summer course in analytical writing and has extensive experience working with students of all ages who want to strengthen foundational skills or learn advanced techniques that elevate the sophistication of their work.

Families also seek out Darius to provide intellectual and logistical support for independent projects. His students have written history research papers selected for publication in The Concord Review; filmed and produced a documentary that was honored at dozens of film festivals across the world; and contributed in meaningful ways to the work of local and international social justice organizations.

When Darius isn’t working on his PhD, he’s usually catching up with friends or watching a trashy action movie--ask him why Terminator 2 is one of the most under-rated films of all time. He loves classical music, martial arts, and falling asleep on trains. His most prized possession is a map of NYC's best burger joints.