Test Prep Guide: Why Our Diagnostics Save Time and Boost Scores

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Simply put, Forum has the most advanced standardized test diagnostics on the market.

We have built our score reports to deliver the insights that the city’s top test prep tutors offer their students. Unlike any other diagnostic, they’re generated immediately through our proprietary technology, so that you’ll receive your full results in less than an hour after taking the test.

But more importantly, they offer insights that no other diagnostics offer, such as:

1. Content breakdowns across 60+ subtopics:

Most diagnostics measure performance across 6–7 topics. We measure ours across over 60 categories so that students know exactly where to aim prep.

2. Chronological Performance Tracking:

Our diagnostics measure chronological performance across each section and even—if you work with a Forum tutor—homework practice sections. This tracking allows you to gauge a timeline ahead, to see what you’ve forgotten, to measure how effectively your prep is working, and to pinpoint any discrepancies between homework and full tests.

3. Score Optimization Metrics:

See how many more points you would gain by mastering a single topic. Save time and energy on prep while boosting your score by focusing on these areas for maximum short-term gain.

4. Test Strategy Metadata:

Students can mark answers as “unsure” or “rushed” so that they can revisit problems they were uncertain about (even if they were right). They can also gauge whether they’re feeling more uncertain than they should, and they can see where to consider time management strategies if they rush.


When to take them?

Diagnostics are crucial at two points in the test prep process: 1) before taking official tests, so students can gauge remaining issues, ensure they’re in range for the score they need, and overcome any last testing jitters, and 2) before starting test prep at all.

Diagnostics are essential before starting test prep for three reasons. First, students can determine which test (ACT or SAT? ISEE or SSAT?) better suits them. Second, students will learn how much time is needed for prep ahead — and when to get started. Finally, though, diagnostics are important at every step of the test process to determine which content and strategy areas students will need to practice. By telling students what topics to study, Forum’s diagnostics will save time, focus prep, and boost scores.