Test Prep Guide: Download this Program on Your Calculator

Everyone knows that the calculator is handy on standardized tests, but for many of them, the use of the calculator is optional. Why? Because most of the problems that involve advanced math actually do not ask students to perform calculations. More often, the student just has to select which answer choice demonstrates the relevant formula in correct usage.

The trick? Use an often overlooked program on the device: NoteFolio, a basic notes app. Many calculators will have this program built in; others many need it installed.

To give your list a head start, we’ve put together a handful of facts and formulas that we recommend students translate into their calculators.

The facts:

- Number theory definitions: integer, natural number, rational vs. irrational numbers, real vs. imaginary numbers

The formulas:

- Midpoint and distance formulas

- Special right triangles

- Trigonometric identities

- Circle and ellipse formulas

- Combination and permutation formulas

- Sequences and series formulas