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Cassie Scanlon


Academic Tutoring


An upbeat, extroverted problem-solver who has worked with students of all learning styles, Cassie knows that by making material interesting, she can insist on students’ focus and hard work. Although she likes working with all ages, Cassie specializes in higher-level mathematics and economics: on a high school level, she has consistently worked with math students following traditional, Exeter, and PBL methods at schools such as Trinity, Spence, Chapin, and Collegiate, while on a college and university level, she has routinely worked with undergraduate and graduate students attending Columbia, Yale, Princeton, UPenn-Wharton, NYU and more on classes ranging from Calculus to Statistics to macro- and microeconomics. As a standardized test tutor on the math ACT, math SAT, and Math I and II subject tests, she has regularly seen her students attain scores in the 99th percentile (typically 760-800 on the Math II).

Currently completing her graduate thesis for a Masters of Economics at Hunter College, Cassie also has experience on both the conceptual and practical sides of economics: she has worked as a teacher’s assistant as well as in hedge funds. For her thesis, she is using data sets and econometric models to investigate the parent/student college selection process. Recently, she began exploring college characteristics associated with a student’s academic success. Naturally, her empirical insights have enriched what she can offer her clients as they embark on their own college preparatory decisions. As ever, academics is not a dry, theoretical thing for her: with her affinity for laughing and making dry concepts as entertaining and relatable as humanly possible, Cassie believes that good tutoring starts with an ability to relate not only to the material but the personality of the student as well.