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Steven Menking


Academic Tutoring


A methodical, quantitative thinker, Steven has always viewed the learning process as a cornerstone of personal growth—as evident from his decision to leave a Wall Street career path to become a professional tutor. Steven spent his undergraduate years at Williams College pursuing degrees in Economics and Mathematics, where he worked, as he does with his students today, to provide relevance and context to abstract questions of math, economics and statistics by analyzing financial markets and the wealth of nations. Upon graduation, Steven embarked to New York City to begin covering technology companies as an investment banking analyst for Morgan Stanley. After spending two years working on IPOs, M&A transactions, stock repurchases, and debt offerings, Steven transitioned into a role as an equities trader at SMB Capital.

In 2014 he made the switch out of finance into full-time tutoring and has never looked back. Though he brings a trader’s savvy and rigor to academic instruction, Steven loves tutoring as a pathway to helping students chart their own psychological and intellectual growth by demystifying the complex language and topics within economics and mathematics.

Most of Steven’s students either are looking to catch up in their high school or college economics and math courses or push their already solid understanding of the complex concepts to the level of mastery. For students at all levels of proficiency, however, Steven never misses a chance to encourage students and to give them the practical tools they need to help them expand and attain their true potential. Never satisfied with academic results alone, Steven declares his mission complete only when a student has mastered the material well enough to explain it to others and to bring their mastery confidently to bear in all their pursuits. In that spirit, Steven also helps students prepare for interviews and internships in the financial services field through both coursework in finance and accounting as well as independent pursuits of topics in investing, financial management, and market structure.