Our Selection Process

To select the tutors we represent at Forum, we ask all candidates to complete a rigorous, multistep application process that allows us to evaluate all of the qualities necessary to maintain our comprehensive quality of instruction, service, and care. Our selection process requires candidates to complete four steps:

The Process

Step One

Demonstration of extensive experience in professional private tutoring, and in particular in work with students attending New York’s private schools

Step Two

Completion of a written task demonstrating superior insight into student difficulties and clear and effective communication with families

Step Three

Success in a live demo session, attended by Forum’s own subject matter experts, covering difficult problems and tasks in the candidate's chosen subject

Step Four

Provision of superlative feedback from multiple recent prior students and their families

Qualities We Look For

Academic Specialization

All our tutors are asked to pass multiple rounds of interviews in any subject they might tutor with us to ensure they're top academic and test prep specialists.

Extensive Experience

Forum’s tutors have built up successful independent careers over years of tutoring students, particularly in NYC schools.

Engaging Personalities

We look for tutors with dynamic personalities so that students will not only want to work together but feel comfortable opening up about questions and weaknesses.

Dynamic Teachers

Our tutors can not only explain problems with razor-sharp clarity but pinpoint a student’s gaps or questions to constantly customize lessons to students’ needs.

Long-term Coaches

Forum’s tutors know that half of tutoring is coaching students for long-term success with milestones, check-ins, and concierge support for clients along the way.

Communal Attitude and Growth Mindset

Forum is a community of the top tutors to pool insights, and those who thrive are those who look forward to teaching and learning every day.

Diverse Backgrounds and Approaches

We know the best communities are diverse communities that benefit from an array of backgrounds and approaches—which allows us to ensure we’re making the right match for each student as well.

Why Work With Forum?

Higher Rates

We’re the highest paying tutoring agency in the United States; we pay over twice as much as our closest competitors on both a dollar and percentage basis. Collectively, tutors earn nearly 85% of fees paid through Forum.

Unique Opportunities

Forum’s business model includes compensation structures for playing key roles in its growth, whether that be in the coordination of new relationships with students and families or the selection and introduction of new tutors.

Better Resources

We reinvest our profits into technology and resources that will give them the most data and materials to leverage for their own work.

Better Community

We offer tutors a community of like-minded peers so we can pool insights in keeping up-to-date on tests and schools and customizing to each student.

A Home for Talent

At Forum, we recognize that truly difference-making educators are the core of the business and of the value we bring to students and families. The company works for the tutors—not the other way around.

Interested in Applying?

Send us an email with your resume, a list of subjects you tutor, and a brief note about your ideal kind of student. Forum is committed to building a diverse network and strongly encourages applications from female and minority candidates.