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Sylvia Naples


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Sylvia has over 15 years experience teaching and tutoring math. She has worked with students at all levels from ages 5-65. Sylvia has an extensive background in test prep and academic tutoring, though she also frequently gives enrichment courses to students on topics that interest them beyond the typical curriculum.

After receiving a Masters Degree in Mathematics with a focus in Algebraic Topology, Sylvia spent two years teaching Pre-Calculus to undergraduates. As a Post-Baccalaureate student at Smith College, she designed and taught a two week course in String Theory. There, she also worked as a TA for an abstract mathematics class, and traveled across the country to present her research in Graph Theory.

Sylvia works as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Ocrolus using text and vision models to automate small business loans and detect fraud. Previously, she worked at Simple Contacts, using computer vision to automate an eye exam, allowing customers to renew their contact lens prescription online. She also worked as a Data Engineer at WNYC, organizing and maintaining all of the data for every page view, click, email, listen, and livestream, and leading the analysis.

For as long as she can remember she has been both a student and a teacher. At the moment, she’s teaching herself violin and learning about animal vision.